The Giantruck Simulator was founded in 2013 to build dynamic, professional and low-cost driving systems, making it possible for anyone who already has a static simulator at home to make it dynamic by using a base to put under their driving seat. Giantruck Simulator quickly expanding it designs and realizes everything within the company; certified to CE, the dynamic platforms 2dof 3dof 5dof are simple to use and to install (via USB cable to connect to the PC and a 220V / 110V power outlet).

The sensations that are created by the simulators are completely adjustable giving the user the possibility to vary the movements at his own pleasure.

The progress within the company goes faster and faster and designs of new simulators comes to life such as truck simulators, forklifts simulators, flight simulators, motorbike simulators (always dynamic and with movement).

We design EVERYTHING that a company or a person can imagine to design. We are able to realize it.

We quickly became leader in this sector thanks to a high quality and competitive prices and with a high exportation abroad: Dubai, Egypt, Spain and Germany.

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