SG La Cage – Flight Simulator
Completely designed and built in Italy by Simulator Giantruck the flight simulator LA GABBIA is able to perfectly reproduce the main changes in the attitude of an aircraft (cabrata, swooping, turning left and right) and even the G force, giving the pilot the clear feeling of being in flight. The simulator works with any flight software. Truly immersive with OCULUS


  • Length: 235cm, Depth: 165cm, Hight: 165cm, Weight: 280kg, Maximum weight of the pilot: 115kg, Minimum operating height: 220cm
  • Includes simulator structure, movement and safety systems, seat, cloche, TV32″, PC
  • Delivery time: 2-3 months.


The movement base works with two 12V motors with geared motor, 220v / 110v power, with continuous active platform 0.3 kw /hour, all managed by an electronic card of the Giantruck Simulator.

Prezzo : su preventivo.

Please contact the mail info@simulatorgiantruck.it for more infos.

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